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The Webinar platform allows a course, a seminar or a meeting development, in which it is possible to participate directly through a computer, eliminating the physical distance between the participants and traditional costs necessary for a residential event. The term 'webinar' is a fusion of the words 'web' and 'seminar', unlike a webcast, which is unidirectional, this is meant to be interactive, therefore enabling bilateral communication between those who transmit and those who participate.

This system promotes engagement and interaction, offering to participants the opportunity to interact with the board, asking questions through chat tools.
TC Lab

TC Lab is our recording and broadcast multimedia studio equipped with Green Screen and symmetrical 100MB 'real' optical fiber connection. The studio enables the integration in real time of objects present in the studio with a completely virtualized backdrop for the creation of teaching materials with a high communicative impact.
A unique and central location, ideal for hosting the Faculty for webinar and videoconferences.

It is possible to access the Webinar application from any kind of device or operating system without the need of any installation. Thanks to its web-based system it is possible to manage the control panel of the Webinar platform wherever you may find yourself.
Webinar ECM

The system can host both ECM and non-ECM courses. In Webinar ECM-accredited medical-scientific courses, at the end of the event, participants can complete the ECM questionnaire directly from the platform.
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