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Interactive Clinical Cases
Who said training can't be fun?
Interactive Clinical Cases
Training is a serious matter, but who said this can't be also fun? We have created a new format of accessible online interactive clinical cases, adaptable to medical-scientific contents; these are easy to access and engaging in graphics, with the possibility of ECM accreditation. The software can be used through computers or laptops for personal use or through interactive tables for group sharing.

Our interactive clinical cases provide a sort of 'dynamic and branched online' path, in which the participants, starting from an initial clinical picture, must overcome multiple steps, selecting the best therapeutic choices until the resolution of the case is reached.
Display results

The system can be used for real time result’s sharing with participants, through the projection of the results of the received answers expressed in charts.

Specific gamification tools may be implemented for the purpose of maximizing participants involvement, such as: requesting the help of an expert, the possibility of trying again in the event of a wrong answer (for a limited number of times), the increase in difficulty as the user proceeds to resolve the cases or the gaining of points until a target is reached.

The format allows the alternation of traditional training and entertainment; this formula is particularly suitable to strike the interest of young conference attendees, improving interactivity and participation.

The format offers many possibilities to sponsors, starting from the customizable graphic layout of the software with the logo and colours of the brand, to the creation of a customized quiz show within the stand so to gain more attraction inside the area of the exhibition.
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