Event Engagement: A Must-have tool
For quite some time, the meeting design sector has been talking about engagement..But how can you actually create these conditions in practical terms?  Which technologies and innovations should you use?Here are a series of must-have tools to enhance audience participation!

An App dedicated to the Event

The ultimate tool you simply can’t do without before, during and after the event. It has a whole host of functions: from electronic polling to survey completion, as well as its extremely popular Question & answer service which allows you to ask questions discretely in real time from the comfort of your seat in the audience. What is more, the app is also a useful interactive, educational and consultation tool, not to mention a multimedia archive which can store the entire contents of the conference. In other words, it has a wide range of fully customisable functions which can be tailored to meet the client’s needs and the user’s expectations.

Live streaming

It is becoming increasingly important to broadcast your event in real time if you want to reach an unlimited international audience. What you really need to get started is a fast connection, online storage space and a video recording system and then you’re good to go! Live streaming can satisfy a vast array of communication and promotional needs for your event: it’s particularly popular because it allows you to set up webinars which, if recorded in a studio where Chromakey is available, can become authentic video broadcasts with a fully customisable virtual background that can also be used to promote your sponsor(s)!


The use of electronic e-poster stations at the event allows all attendees, whether they have downloaded the App or not, to make use of all the interactive functions. These electronic stations are the definitive, paperless solution to the traditional paper posters which have, until now, been on display during busy conference sessions. This tool is widely appreciated by organisers and attendees alike because it simplifies the management and enhances the use of content. What is more, it can also be sponsored and personalised. However, the main advantage is that it encourages and stimulates interaction between people who can even send messages to the author of the poster and ask him/her questions.


Event engagement is also stimulated through gamification which is now one of the most popular choices with event organisers. The use of features and techniques traditionally associated with game design is one of the surest ways to increase involvement and encourage people to download your app. There are a whole host of opportunities to choose from depending on the objectives you want to reach and the type of user you want to attract. The technology used then allows you to incorporate all your desired content in game format. You can create themed interactive games to be used on devices via the app or even played on arcade-style machines!

Social Media Wall

Social channels are indispensable tools to stimulate curiosity about the event, enhance engagement during it and even keep levels of interest high until the next edition. Thanks to the sharing of creative content, especially in video format, it is easier to keep your audience interested. A social media wall has high visual impact and allows you to follow the flow of social media content in real time as well as attendees’ comments during the conference. Thanks to the combination of images, video and live streaming which attract your audience’s attention, these channels have a huge communicative impact.

Today the most efficient way of enhancing engagement and encouraging sharing and interaction is to create unforgettable, stimulating experiences for attendees. To do so, technology is your number one ally as it helps involve the user and overcome the limitations of any event.
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