2018: Technology trends in the meetings industry
The new year has just begun by accompanying, as usual, the professional expectations of every player in the Meeting Industry sector.

Let's see firstly the current context that influences the diffusion and growth of technological trends.

A common trend emerged from the reports of the main international sector associations is the centrality of the "Experience". In fact, as never before, the positive impact determined by an optimal and creative management of the event on the people involved returns a value to the organizers, to the companies and to the sector itself.

At the same time, the technology adopted by the events industry grows progressively in use, providing tools that can accurately measure user sentiment and interest. With the implementation of these functions the concrete ability to measure ROI (return on investment) and more recently ROE (return on engagement) increases.

Driven by these insights, here are the main technological tools that will have wide use in this 2018.

RFID and NFC technology for measuring traffic

Thanks to a reduction in costs, the use of RFID and NFC technologies by the venues and event organizers is significantly increasing. The use of these systems allows you to keep track of the attendance, accesses and movements of the participants within the structure, providing precious statistics to be translated later in ROI.

Online booking of locations

Through specialized sites and online platforms it is now possible to reserve locations and experiences. The possibility of reserving online the location of an event guarantees an important advantage, in terms of cost and time savings, both for the organizer and for the venue.

Indoor navigation

Thanks to augmented reality (AR), there will be an upgrade in indoor positioning methods. This will happen through the use in general of the camera of the cell phone but soon also in the latest models of the AR glasses. So in this 2018 the AR will enter the mainstream of habits, as confirmed by the 51st edition of the Ces of Las Vegas .

Integration between the technologies

The increasing use of software and technologies in Meeting Industry sector hurries the need to integrate these systems together and then exchange the numerous data collected for organizational and marketing purposes.


With the increase in sales tools, CRM systems and digital tools such as apps, the behavior of event participants can be monitored precisely, then influencing their decision-making process. Analyzing events is becoming central in the marketing mix. Providing data on ROI, ROE and user sentiment is increasingly requested by sponsors and organizers.

Increase in the use of LEDs

The decrease in the cost of LEDs will increase the adoption by the accommodation facilities and use it as a digital signage tool, allowing messaging in unique forms and places. At the same time, ledwall display will be used more and more frequently to communicate effectively and impress those present.
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Chatbot and A.I.

The use of chatbot and A.I., to respond to participants' on-demand requests during the events, will spread further in this 2018. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these systems will become increasingly accurate in determining the sense and context of voice / text requests and therefore responding in a human-like way.

360 degrees experiences

Thanks to highly immersive projections, new technologies for gaming and virtual reality, together with the latest models of VR devices, visitors will experience memorable situations capable of stimulating engagement and participation as never before!
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