How to get most conference goers to download your App
Imagine you have decided to create an App for your next event. How can you be sure that the number of downloads will justify the money you invested in developing the App? Was the App you developed for the previous edition of your event downloaded too few times

Although there is no surefire guarantee of success, we want to give you some useful advice to encourage most event attendees to download your App.  


The use of management software allows you to create a database of attendees at the pre-registration stage. This means that you can conduct marketing which is directly aimed at your target audience. For example, you can send notifications to pre-registered attendees who have already downloaded the App to encourage them to use it before the event even starts.  

A social media engagement campaign with relevant video content like interviews with event speakers on topics which will be further explored at the event itself or a debate on the most interesting topics covered in the previous edition are just a few examples of how you can generate interest before the event. Video clips are a particularly good idea because they help highlight the exclusive benefits of the App creatively and they are really easy to use. For this reason it is predicted that in 2017 videos will represent 74% of web content. So it’s easy to see how useful it is to create a community of users who follow you not only during the event but even until the next edition. 


Using the App’s exclusive interactive functions: and what if we created content that can only be used with the App? Apps provide the opportunity to interact with attendees via tools such as surveys, push notifications or questions during the events themselves. What’s more, thanks to chat and social media functions they also provide means of communication for attendees. For example, via the App we can create an awards option which is dedicated to the conference where the most voted Poster can be announced. These functions, as well as many others, can be implemented as and when needed and provide attendees with a more personalised experience which really involves them in the conference. The Q&A function, on the other hand, gives the audience the chance to discretely ask the speaker questions which can be filtered and selected by the moderator using a tablet at the session chair’s table. 

 A special event app info point can be made even more effective if located in the welcome desk area and staffed by assistants who are easily recognisable thanks to their uniform. In this way staff can demonstrate the benefits of the App to conference goers and encourage them to download it on their device. An even simpler solution would be to include a leaflet in the conference goer’s welcome pack explaining the benefits of the App and how to use it. 

A good-sized branded totem App at the entrance of the conference venue will help remind and encourage attendees to use the App during the event. 

On-site information display systems are useful tools to spread the word about downloading the App. These are best placed next to information which directly interests the attendees such as the event programme with live updates and the times of presentations in the various meeting rooms or sponsored information. 

Using QR Codes: Another really useful way of increasing the number of App users is to include QR codes for downloading the App on the paper programme, promotional materials, totems and information screens. 


So by the end of the event pretty much everyone will have benefited from using the App. Let’s take a quick look at the main benefits. 

Benefits for attendees: All the material produced during the event will be accessible from the comfort of your own device thanks to the App (real-time conference proceedings, webinars, video clips with interviews, video highlights, photos, posters). 

Benefits for organisers: The statistics you gather from App use (such as the most frequently searched for information and the most used Functions) are an essential marketing analysis tool. The opportunities provided by social and networking functions, such as surveys about the posters on display during the event, have the added benefit of providing information for those who have to analyse post-event results. Let’s not forget that the App also serves as a multimedia showcase which helps promote sponsors’ content directly to their target audience. 

In conclusion, we can’t just develop an event App and expect attendees to go and look for it by themselves. We need to carry out a communication campaign both before and during the event which highlights all the exclusive benefits it has to offer.
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