Why is the event App a must-have? Chapter 2: Benefits for Event Organisers
Nowadays, the success of an event is more than ever dependent on the planning and technology implemented by the organisers. This post is dedicated to highlighting the host of benefits available for event organisers who choose to invest a small part of their budget in the development of an Official Event App


Let’s start with this point: the structure of an event is dictated by the budget which involves both constraints and opportunities for event organisers. So how can you make the most of it? Undoubtedly, investing in state-of-the-art tools and technologies is a step in the right direction, towards enhanced engagement quality... not to mention the benefits for the organisational management of the event itself! With the App, it will be immediately apparent that you can make considerable savings whilst improving your attendees’ event experience, environmental sustainability and your work. 


First of all, the App is a paperfree solution that can totally or at least partly replace the traditional paper programme and protect event content from the inevitable wear and tear of paper documents. As well as the economic and material savings brought about by the digital substitution of the programme and event map, the App also gives you the means and opportunity to embrace sustainability and respect for the environment. 

Real-time updating

Another great benefit offered by digital tools is that they allow you to implement real-time updates based on the actual developments in the event rooms. This means that you can intervene swiftly in the event of problems which, as we know, happen all too often –especially during particularly busy events. From an organisational point of view, being able to send push notifications directly to attendees’ devices makes it possible to effectively handle targeted and rapid communication in a way that would have been unimaginable without the App. 


The App will not only help you to save on the production costs of promotional and informative materials but actually help you make money! In fact, as this virtual showcase is strategically aimed at your target market, it optimises visibility for the sponsor. This in turn positively impacts brand image and brings economic return. 


The relationship with your event attendees and their adhesion to conference activities can be dramatically improved thanks to functions which are tailor made to meet all your organisational and engagement needs. How many times have you felt uncomfortable about obliging event attendees to take part in surveys you know they find tedious but had no alternative because you need the data you gather from them? With our App, the task is now both faster and less tiresome. The attendee can answer the questionnaire on his/her own device and you will have real-time results, which have often already been processed by the system, at hand. Our on-line polling systems can also be used with the App and share all the same benefits. This tool allows you to carry out many activities which have all been developed to improve the user’s experience. They range from networking, to the Question & Answer function (which allows attendees to ask the speaker questions directly from their smartphone), to training through interactive games which can be customised and sponsored. 

Content is king

For this App to be successful technology is not enough. The content which is to be transmitted through hardware devices must be relevant to the target audience. The App interface interacts with the other technologies which are available at the event location including e-Poster, streaming, social wall, and software for the acquisition and management of content. In this way, the user will have instant access (for as long as is desired) to medical and scientific posters and recordings of the sessions in their entirety, not to mention the opportunity to interact via social media on the official channels. 

We never lose sight of the fact that a satisfied attendee improves the whole system of the event. Firstly, it increases engagement during the conference days. Secondly, it increases goodwill towards the organiser, which also reflects on the sponsor. This all helps to stimulate positive online and offline dialogue. In short, it is the first step towards a successful second edition!
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