Gamification and events: a winning combination to engage your audience
The word “conference” often conjures up the idea of something boring and is inevitably associated with seemingly endless long-winded explanations. Forget all of this. 

There is a better way to involve your attendees in your event. Have you ever heard of gamification

Although this was initially considered to be nothing more than a trend, it is now among the most popular ways of engaging event attendees. Gamification is particularly useful in contexts which tend to be somewhat lackluster and are often poorly attended. 

In short, gamification means making the learning process fun by applying features of gaming to courses and learning outcomes. This helps to enhance motivation and involvement among attendees. So let’s take a closer look at how technology can help us to do this.  

Despite initial scepticism, widespread use of smartphones and other devices has opened the door to new ways of interacting and exchanging information. In fact, nowadays using technology is second nature for many people who recognise all the benefits it has to offer. Part of the credit for this enhanced engagement undoubtedly goes to increasingly user-experience oriented solutions which make technology more user friendly and so promote a steady process of collective technological advancement. 

Thanks to technology, exhibition areas at event venues are transformed into attractive places where sponsors can finally have a dynamic role in the relationship they establish with visitors. The stand becomes both virtual and captivating with the opportunity to use interactive activities which help to present the sponsor’s brand and win over event attendees.  

So displays, e-posters and applications are the starting point for shaping IT environments which are focused on event attendees. What’s more, when it comes to gamification, the main aim is to encourage interaction and active learning. Specific software allows you to develop formats for interactive clinical cases which can be used online, adapted to suit medical and scientific content and tailored to meet your exact needs. These interactive games are easy to access, engaging, challenging, satisfying and can even provide the opportunity for CME accreditation

Current technology allows developers to create any type of game format based on the specific needs of the event organisers. The resulting tailor-made solution will impress and enthuse your audience so much that they will forget they are actually attending a conference. Imagine for example that that you are using your device to take part in a themed quiz and that you are feeling more engaged and competitive by the minute. Just think about it, you are having fun while learning educational content and at the end of the game you might even win a prize. Thanks to gamification, all this is possible!
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