The recording feature allows to capture the sessions’ recordings in their entirety, synchronizing the speakers’ speech with the single slides projected and embedded into a frame with customized graphics.
Room Programme
Slidebit can also manage dynamic and personalized event information broadcasted on venue’s displays. Room information on the current session and the next one are updated in real time with the name of the speaker, title, photo and available time.
The software is now a powerful control tool and remote monitoring at the disposal of the organizational secretary and technical staff that allows to have a general overview of all the rooms in real time. From the control station it is possible to monitor the audio and projection of each room, as well as being able to check the status of the presentations or the missing data.
The software offers an open communication channel between organizers, moderators and technicians. In smaller rooms, the system also allows the moderator to call in case of need a technician or hostess located in a control room, without the need of technical presence for each room.
Slidebit is the Presentation Management Suite with over 1000 conferences managed